Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On Marxism

Marxism, like Libertarianism, relies on the theory of class structure. It believes that the upper, ruling class can oppress the people below them. However, the major difference between the Right and Left wings of Libertarianism are that Right-Libertarians believe that the middle class are part of the oppressed while Left-Libertarians believe that the middle class are “petit bourgeois” and contribute to the oppression of the lower, working class. But radical Libertarians of both persuasions desire the abolition of the “State” and its ruling class. If there is one problem with Marxists/radicals it is the demonization of power, the “powers that be”.

Like many Christians, Marxists believe that the upper and lower classes have fixed intentions: the upper class are only concerned with wealth and are evil, and the lower class are compassionate and good at heart. So with little regard for others’ individual intentions, justice is relative and with the encouragement of abolishing power by “any means necessary”, values such as peace and equality cannot be absolute.

Anarchy gives the opportunity for tyranny, the seizure of power for one’s own interests. There is no guarantee for good intentioned people to govern if there is no government to evaluate them. Oppression comes in many forms, even under the guise of the interest of “the people”. Democracy cannot only be a “tyranny of the majority” but also the minority.

“The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.”

-Penn Jillette

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