Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jihad of the Infidels

I am shocked by the attitude of some of the so-called opponents of terrorism, particularly Islamic terrorism. Their attention seems to be placed more on Islam proper or even worse, on Arabs for the sake of being non-white immigrants in Western countries.

The latter focus of attention is that of Vlaams Belang, a white supremacist party in Belgium. For some reason, blogger Pamela "Atlas" Geller thinks that more Jews should support them. Vlaams Belang, mind you, are proponents of Holocaust denial. Surprise?

A blog who has been wise enough to expose these racists is (ironically), Little Green Footballs, one of the few Republican blogs I trust. I can't help but give them kudos for nuggets like these:

About Vlaams Belang and Swedish Democrats

A French Documentary On Vlaams Belang