Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jihad of the Infidels

I am shocked by the attitude of some of the so-called opponents of terrorism, particularly Islamic terrorism. Their attention seems to be placed more on Islam proper or even worse, on Arabs for the sake of being non-white immigrants in Western countries.

The latter focus of attention is that of Vlaams Belang, a white supremacist party in Belgium. For some reason, blogger Pamela "Atlas" Geller thinks that more Jews should support them. Vlaams Belang, mind you, are proponents of Holocaust denial. Surprise?

A blog who has been wise enough to expose these racists is (ironically), Little Green Footballs, one of the few Republican blogs I trust. I can't help but give them kudos for nuggets like these:

About Vlaams Belang and Swedish Democrats

A French Documentary On Vlaams Belang

Monday, August 10, 2009

Libertarianism 2.0

It has become a misnomer that one has to be right-wing to be a libertarian. And by right-wing I mean an advocate of privatizing all resources and institutions. But what can happen when such idealism meets reality?

"Natural" monopoly!

So if a market is to be truly free, who is there to stop such abuse of power when it occurs?

I still prefer smaller government and lower taxes (a so-called "Night Watchman" State) to say... E.U.-style Socialism, but do not think that society's problems can be solved in one sector (at present), nor think that it would be possible to never raise taxes in cases of emergency.

The best we can do for now is have a greater balance of power before we can even expect to meet all libertarian ideals, that is, to limit if not outright abolish the "initiation of force".