Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Was A 9/11 Truther (How the Movement Decieved Me & Other Libertarians)

The story begins In the summer of 2006. I was tired of the Bush Administration and their "Neo-Conservative" attitude. Moderate Republicanism/the libertarianism of Judge Andrew Napolitano began to interest me. Then I was turned on to a particular website (which shall not be endorsed by the sane) by a relative that shook the foundation of my values.

Countless hours were spent listening to the website's radio show. Within a couple of weeks, I was convinced that “9/11 Was An Inside Job” after viewing a popular documentary (since debunked) and stumbling across the ‘Project For the New American Century: Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ document at This conspiracy binge would last nearly a year. (After being a member of the website, I ask, "the question is..." where did my $ go?)

With any truth present, there was faulty interpretation through premature conclusions linking world events to "The New World Order". Any facts were obscured by thousands of lies and delusions. Such is the deceptive nature of conspiracy theorists and their sensational approach.

All of a sudden it was like I was bi-polar, loving the Catholic Church & Judaism while criticizing the Vatican and the State of Israel’s relationship with the United States. Strangely, it became apparent that some Jewish individuals believed in "The New World Order", too. Two examples include a former concert promoter and the creator of the board game Scruples. If only they would have read about the literature used during the Dreyfuss trial.

Being a libertarian at heart, I took the “alliance with none” principle quite literally. But my (then-) opposition to Zionism unintentionally justified Holocaust denial. Fortunately, I never denied the Holocaust, even at that time in my life, but this sympathy extended to Iranian PM Machmoud Achmedenijad.

Achmedenijad is something of a David Duke of Iran. He spews hatred while putting on a friendly grin to fool the uninformed public. And the uninformed are the very targets of propaganda. As you may know, propaganda can hide a racist agenda like that of David Duke's website.

Duke is a supporter of Ron Paul, whose libertarian credentials are questionable. The same Ron Paul is known for writing less-than-flattering depictions of blacks in the newsletter, the American Free Press (AFP). Shame on him. The anecdote to the Paul controversy may be Wayne Allyn Root, a Jewish-American who is running for Vice President with Bob Barr for the Libertarian Party. But if you're like me, you may not be voting in this election at all.